Do you know what is the difference
between looking at reality vs. seeing reality?
Seeing beyond images and discussing
the conflicts they represent is the first step
to creating your story.
Every image represents a point of view
and transforms reality into a narrative.
Expressing oneself through moving images
helps develop a deeper social understanding
and finding one's own identity.
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About the project

The aim of the project is to enhance critical thinking and media literacy among young people between 14-19 years old, parents, and educational staff. This will contribute to providing young people with the tools they need to understand the world they live in, stimulate their critical thinking and sense of responsibility, and help them realise the power of their voice.

The project will apply and scale up the Italian good practice “Creative audio-visual writing and reading”, to five different education systems and contexts – Croatia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, and Spain.

Firstly, partners will adapt the good practice “Creative audio-visual writing and reading” to their contexts and design the model for setting up Creative Audiovisual Labs.

Secondly, they will train educators (teachers and trainers) to implement the Creative Audiovisual Labs. This will happen through a blended course consisting of 10 modules covering technical, digital, and creative skills.

Finally, trained teachers and trainers will set up Creative Audiovisual Labs and work with their students. Students will produce films on selected topics such as migration, tolerance, and other topics that are interesting to them and important in today’s society.

Project partners

CrAL – Creative Audiovisual Lab for the promotion of critical thinking and media literacy brings together seven partners from six countries (Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia and Lithuania) with complementary expertise in research, education and training, and network cooperation.

The CrAL platform will host the online training course for teachers and trainers. It will also have a dedicated space where the audiovisual materials produced by the students will be showcased, and will support the establishment of the community of practice. The first version of the platform is expected in December 2021.

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