CrAL policy recommendations – to be published soon

Project partners are in the final stages of preparation of CrAL policy recommendations. Here is a sneak-peak in the coming documents which is an important project deliverable. 

The policy recommendations are built on the overall work and experience of the CrAL project: adaption of the good practice “Creative audio-visual writing and reading” into the contexts of partner countries: Croatia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, and Spain. These policy recommendations aim to create a comprehensive framework for fostering critical audiovisual literacy skills among young individuals, empowering them to navigate the complex world of media with the needed skills and confidence.

The policy recommendations will cover:

  • Incorporating audiovisual media literacy in formal and non-formal education using a variety of approaches.
  • Supporting professional development of teachers and trainers in enhancing inclusive media literacy, critical thinking, and active citizenship.
  • Targeting media literacy initiatives and programmes to actively work towards promoting social inclusion.
  • Fostering collaboration with parents and members of the community while emphasizing local support in addressing global challenges.
  • Providing opportunities for young people to become active digital citizens who can engage positively and responsibly in society, both online and offline.

Stay tuned – we will share the recommendations this year!