The end of the CrAL project implementation in Croatia

In September 2023, the final event of the Creative Audiovisual Lab project was held in Rijeka, where the best national video story created as part of the CrAL project (“All That Glitters”) was chosen.

The students based their video stories on topics from their local communities – they recorded experimental postcards, created interviews with members of fan groups and with their peers, filmed the lives of their oldest fellow citizens in homes for the elderly, recorded parts of their cities that were once industrial centers and recorded short video stories.

At the final event in Rijeka, the methodology developed as part of the project was presented, and the professors involved in the implementation shared their impressions of the methodology and process of making video stories and concluded that the project was accepted with great interest and enthusiasm in their schools. The students also shared their experiences of making video stories with those present and emphasized that their participation in this project was an instructive and interesting experience, which for most of them was their first encounter with the world of video production.

In its implementation, the CrAL project included 16 teachers from Osijek, Varaždin, Rijeka, Karlovac and Zagreb, who underwent online training for the application of the CrAL methodology, and then recorded 17 video stories with their students, through which 70 students developed their media literacy and critical thinking. In this way, the CrAL project for the first time introduced a different view of education in Croatian schools and encouraged teachers to continue to create excellent video works together with their students.