10 reasons to develop critical thinking

Critical thinking is a crucial skill for students to develop, as it empowers them to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information. Here are several reasons why the development of critical thinking is important for students: Problem Solving: Critical thinking enhances a student’s ability to identify and solve problems. By approaching challenges with a critical mindset, students […]

Three reasons why you should join the CrAL Platform

Welcome to the CrAL Platform – a dedicated space for educators and school communities. Here are three reasons why you should check out the platform and register right away! Online training course for teachers and trainers. The platform offers a training course consisting of 10 modules covering technical, digital, and creative skills. The course is […]

CrAL policy recommendations – to be published soon

Project partners are in the final stages of preparation of CrAL policy recommendations. Here is a sneak-peak in the coming documents which is an important project deliverable.  The policy recommendations are built on the overall work and experience of the CrAL project: adaption of the good practice “Creative audio-visual writing and reading” into the contexts […]

The end of the CrAL project implementation in Croatia

In September 2023, the final event of the Creative Audiovisual Lab project was held in Rijeka, where the best national video story created as part of the CrAL project (“All That Glitters”) was chosen. The students based their video stories on topics from their local communities – they recorded experimental postcards, created interviews with members […]

CrAL Impact Assessment Shows Promise for Media Literacy

Thanks to all the hard work put in by all of our participants, the CrAL methodology continues to show promise for the future of critical thinking and media literacy.  During the CrAL international workshop that took place on the 25th of September 2023, the results from the Impact Assessment Conclusions were presented, providing insight into […]

The CrAL Final international workshop and Awards ceremony – AD Summit 2023

The Final International workshop of the CrAL project took place on the 25th September 2023 and it was organised with the support of all project partners. The workshop aimed to disseminate information about the project, showcase the involvement of young people and teachers in the CrAL course and creation of audiovisual content, introduce the platform, […]

The landscape of cinema

The landscape of cinema is undergoing a transformative journey across Europe, driven by the rise of digital platforms and evolving viewing habits. As streaming services reshape the way we consume content, the need for media literacy and critical thinking has never been more pressing, particularly among Europe’s youth. According to The Hollywood Reporter, European cinema […]

Enhancing critical thinking through media literacy – CrAL final international workshop

  Enhancing Critical Thinking through Media Literacy – CrAL Final International Workshop 25 September 2023, 14:00-17:00 Steve Jobs room, Algebra University Campus, Zagreb, Croatia Over the last twenty years, significant changes in digital technology have greatly influenced how young people perceive the world, interact with others, and view themselves. This digital transformation has created a […]

CrAL pilot training in Lithuania results with 15 videos created

One of the most important activities of the Creative Audiovisual Lab for the promotion of critical thinking and media literacy (CrAL) project – the pilot training in Lithuania – came to an end in June. During this training, 9 teachers from various educational institutions and film clubs in the country, together with their students, tested […]

Finish of pilot training in Croatia

Pilot training in Croatia has reached its end! We are very proud to say that six schools across the country participated in CrAL project, with 12 teachers involved in the piloting of the CrAL methodology. During piloting period, more than 70 students from Varaždin, Zagreb, Karlovac, Buje, Osijek and Rijeka learned a lot about movie […]