The CrAL Final international workshop and Awards ceremony – AD Summit 2023

The Final International workshop of the CrAL project took place on the 25th September 2023 and it was organised with the support of all project partners. The workshop aimed to disseminate information about the project, showcase the involvement of young people and teachers in the CrAL course and creation of audiovisual content, introduce the platform, provide first-hand experience of the course, and present the impact assessment report and policy recommendations for the future.

Workshop highlights:

  1. CrAL project introduction and methodology

The workshop began with an introduction to the project, outlining its objectives, goals and methodology, which is based on theoretical hypotheses and research practices developed by Dr. Annio Gioachino Stati and Dr. Mery Tortolini in the “Laboratorio di Immagine e scrittura Creativa” at the University La Sapienza of Rome. Additionally, participants gained insights into the national audiovisual contest guidelines and criteria for evaluation.

  1. Audiovisual content created by young people

One of the special aspects of the workshop was the involvement of young people and their teachers that participated in the implementation of the CrAL methodology in Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, and Spain. A part of the workshop was dedicated to showcasing inspiring audio-visual content created by talented young individuals who were selected as national winners:


After the screenings, participants could hear testimonials from the video creators and their teachers, gaining insight in how the project implementation was organised and how young students decided to create videos on specific topics.


  1. The CrAL project platform

The workshop included a session where attendees learned more about the platform and how to navigate it. They were invited to register on the platform and connect with like-minded individuals and share good practices. You can access the platform here:

  1. The CrAL Course activity – Visual Storytelling & Dramaturgy

Participants had the opportunity to gain firsthand experience with visual storytelling and dramaturgy by creating their own stories based on the photographs that were presented to them. This practical exercise allowed attendees to apply the concepts discussed during the workshop. The results were shared on the project platform. You can see the stories created by participants on the CrAL Platform.

  1. Impact Assessment Report and Policy Recommendations

The workshop concluded with a presentation of the impact assessment report. CrAL project partners provided insights into the project’s achievements and its potential future impact. Additionally, policy recommendations were shared, highlighting the project’s implications for future initiatives and the broader educational landscape.

Overall, the CrAL final International workshop was a success thanks to the active participation from interested individuals.



CrAL at the AD Awards ceremony

The second day of the AD Summit, 26th of September 2023, during the AD Awards ceremony, CrAL international award was given to the best video. Among the exceptional national winners previously recognized for their outstanding contributions, the jury had the challenging task of selecting a single video to be the international winner. Finally, the video ‘Sette e trenta’ was selected as a winning video.

Congratulations to all national winners and to the international winner! Thank you for creating captivating audiovisual content and for all your contributions in turning CrAL theory into a reality!

A big thank you to everyone involved for your invaluable contribution and for your participation and interest in CrAL international workshop!

You can view all videos on the CrAL platform:

As we are approaching the final months of the project, the Impact Assessment Report and Policy Recommendations will be shared soon, so stay tuned for more information!