Finish of pilot training in Croatia

Pilot training in Croatia has reached its end! We are very proud to say that six schools across the country participated in CrAL project, with 12 teachers involved in the piloting of the CrAL methodology.

During piloting period, more than 70 students from Varaždin, Zagreb, Karlovac, Buje, Osijek and Rijeka learned a lot about movie history and film making, as well as critical thinking and media literacy. In collaboration with their teachers, the students chose the themes of their videos and then independently wrote the script, assigned the roles and finally made their own short videos. They have watched every video lesson that was created as a part of the CrAL methodology and based on their new knowledge they’ve created 17 videos for national contest.

The students are very happy with the final versions of their videos, as well as with CrAL methodology in general because it allowed them to be independent and to adapt the entire recording process to their wishes and visions.

We would like to congratulate all the teachers who successfully completed the pilot training and recorded fantastic videos together with their students.