Visual thinking

 One of the foundations of the CrAL methodology is visual thinking, that is the representation of mental contents through images.

Visual thinking performs two functions, one communicative, and the other operative.

In fact, the image has a communicative power that reaches the deepest part of the mind directly, advertisers know this well.

This power also allows you to transmit your inner life, passions, ideals, and feelings, easily overcoming the barriers and conditionings imposed by society, by the people around us, or simply by personal life experience or a shy character.

Communication triggers the operational function; the image, once decoded, lends itself to being quickly analyzed and processed to become the first step of a further path because visual thinking promotes the analysis and transformation of itself.

On the one hand, it is the most direct vehicle of information. On the other hand, it is the source of subsequent elaborations. For example, think of the clarity of graphs and diagrams and their operational importance in the analysis and following management of processes.

The CrAl methodology is based on these principles which are applied to the creativity and self-expression of individuals, to bring out their personality, to allow them to come up with thoughts that they would have difficulty communicating to the group and to the people around them. 

Image by pikisuperstar