The presentation of the CrAL project at the ICBSA Auditorium

On 19 September 2022 the CrAL Creative Audiovisual Lab project was presented in the auditorium of the Istituto Centrale per I beni sonori e audiovisivi.

The protagonist of the event was Annio Stasi who introduced the speeches by Mery Tortolini, creator of the methodology, by the director of ICBSA, and by two officials involved in the project; they illustrated the project steps and the methodology.

The most touching moment was when two videos produced in schools were shown and the students who made the videos shared their experience. Also two teachers told about their work in schools, the difficult moments, the fatigue with students, and finally the satisfaction, the success and the great joy.

About twenty teachers and some students followed the event with great interest, asked questions about the methodology and information on the realization of the project, determining the success of this initiative.

In fact, the recruitment of participants went very well; we have ten teachers come from two schools supported by their principals.

The Integrated Course is held by Annio Stasi for teachers And Mery Tortolini and began on Friday 4 November and took place in ICBSA.