The presentation of the CrAL project at the Colombian Conference ‘Aula sin muros’

Last October, the CrAL Creative Audiovisual Laboratory project was presented at the ‘Aula Sin Muros’ (Classroom Without Walls) conference, organized by the Edumedia-3 Chair of the Technological University of Pereira (Colombia). These talks addressed issues related to media and information literacy in teacher training, a main thematic line of the CrAL project. The event was part of Unesco’s Global MILWeek and counted with the collaboration of researchers and teachers from different countries such as Germany, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador and Colombia.

Santiago Tejedor, UAB researcher, was responsible for presenting the CrAL project. He gave a lecture entitled ‘The AMI as an exercise of looking and listening: Case study of three projects: Pandemials, Reporter@s de la Ciencia and CrAL’. This presentation aimed to reflect on media and information literacy from two fundamental actions for the educational system and that are sought to promote from the methodology of audiovisual creative writing CrAL: looking and listening. 

In this sense, the role of media and information literacy of young people and its vital importance for the development of their future was discussed. In the new educational environments, characterized by the rise of new technologies in the classroom, both citizens and communication and education professionals require media and information literacy skills for the new real and virtual environments. Currently, there is a scarce presence of contents related to media education in the curricula. The CrAL project aims to reverse this situation through an innovative and creative audiovisual creative writing methodology that includes video lessons specifically designed for teenagers, through which they will learn about media literacy and critical thinking and will be able to implement their own actions.