The CrAL platfrom is ready!

The DAISSy Reserach Group of the Hellenic Open University (HOU) has been working for months on designing and developing the online interactive CrAL platform, and now we are proud to announce that it is ready.

The innovative platform rises to the challenge of engaging the educational and local communities of the five participating countries (Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia and Lithuania) in an exciting experimental learning experience aiming to foster critical thinking, active citizenship and media literacy among learners, teachers and parents. The main objective of the platform is to support:

  • An Online training Course for teachers and trainers: We have started to upload the training contents, video lessons and teacher handbooks on the CrAL online platform. Thanks to the intensive cooperation of the project partnersall the educational content is translated into all languages of the participating countries.
  • A Showcase of the audiovisual materials: The Showcase will be developed during the implementation phase of the project and it will contain the audiovisual material (videos, short films, interviews etc.) produced by young people during the pilot action.
  • The establishment of the online Community of Practice. The Virtual International Community of Practice is technically supported by the platform. It will serve as a vehicle for offering teachers and tutors access to the educational material for media literacy; ensure their preparedness; manage training in the most suitable and effective way and enable professionals of all levels of education to promote collaborative learning and co-creation of content in a virtual environment.

The platform provides the following main services: (a) Online Training Course, (b) User registration and  profile management, (c) Showcase of the audiovisual materials/Upload  content, (d)  Collaboration/Community Space and finally (e)  Fora.  In this way, the platform  provides a virtual space for all those (students, teachers, tutors, parents, community) who share this common interest about media education and work towards the shared goal.

So, the CrAL Platform of the Creative Audiovisual Lab for the promotion of critical thinking and media literacy is almost  ready to start up tutors training!!

Are you ready to launch into it with us? We are looking forward to it!

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