The Autonomous University of Barcelona hosts the Training of Trainers of CrAL project

The Autonomous University of Barcelona hosted the Training of Tutors of the #CrAL project on May 23, 24 and 25th. During these three days, the experts in audiovisual writing and reading Annio Gioacchino Stasi and Mery Tortolini trained 23 tutors from Italy, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Croatia and Lithuania.

Paticipants of the ToT experienced the methodology of creative audio-visual writing and reading. The training included theoretical content and practical activities such as the analysis of narrative audiovisual content. The tutors were also involved in the creation of the educational materials.

The tutors reflected on the need to train teachers in secondary schools to respond to the new needs of education. As digital media is becoming an important part of their everyday life, studying and leisure activities, it it increasingly important to help children develop a sustainable relation and understanding of audiovisual media to maintain their welfare, skills and future prospects. During the practical activities of the training, the tutors realised different audiovisual projects and discussed their narratives, structure and audiovisual language.

After the training, the tutors agreed that applying audiovisual media in education through innovative methodologies such as the Creative audiovisual writing and reading helps to develop critical skills and attitudes and that creating audiovisual content (Images, films) produces an emotional impact that generates favourable feelings towards learning, stimulating students’ attention and receptivity. Moreover, the tutors also underlined the role of images, capable of providing experiences that help to better understand reality and culture.

The Training of Tutors is a key milestone of the CrAL project, whereby the methodology developed by the two renown experts Annio Gioacchino Stasi and Mery Tortolini is appropriated by the 23 tutors, who now have to transfer it further to teachers from their countries, and support them in implementing it in the classroom with their students.

Besides the Training of Tutors, on May 26, the Autonomous University of Barcelona hosted the Third Transnational Partners’ Meeting, where the different phases of the upcoming pilot phase were discussed. These two events were also a first occasion of the partners and trainers involved in the project to get together face-to-face and experience the methodology that they have been adapting during the last year.