Start of the piloting activities with students in Lithuania

By the end of the year 2022, teachers from Lithuania finished the first training phase of CrAL project – the blended training for teachers. During the period of October-December the group of 12 teachers studied independently on the platform, met online and after the completion of the course received the CrAL certificates.

These were main activities of this first training phase:

  • Introduction to the innovative CrAL methodology of audio and video creation to encourage the critical thinking of students.
  • Studying 10 modules on the CrAL project platform: the video lessons, educational packs, additional recources of information.
  • Periodic meetings among tutors and teachers were organized to review the materials and assignments, to gain teachers feedback and to share experiences. In total 5 online meetings were organized.
  • The overall goal was to get ready and prepare for the next important phase – the pilot training with students.

Teachers represented education organizations in various cities of the country – they were from 10 different cities, which means that the CrAL methodology will be spread and piloted with students from across the country. Most of the participants were teachers at schools organizing video creation activities with their students during non-formal education and some of the teachers include the topic into their regular lessons as well.

The next training phase with students started in January in Lithuania. The goal is to work hard until May, to test the CrAL methodology and to create videos for national and European project competition.