Media literacy is a necessity

The DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University (HOU) and the whole CrAL project team, are working during this period on the localization of the innovative CrAL methodology. The CrAL training course for teachers will be available through the CrAL platform, which is currently being developed by the DAISSy Research Group of HOU, the Greek partner of the project.

CrAL aims to promote media literacy, critical thinking and active citizenship among the teenagers (14-19 years old).

Nowadays, media literacy is considered as one of the most important skills. The importance of media literacy has been recognised recognised by the Greek Pedagogical Institute since 1995-2004, when an initial focus on the Audiovisual Expression in a Laboratory by the well-known Program „MELINA – Education and culture“, resulted to a „Teacher’s Guide for Audiovisual Expression“. It was the Pedagogical Institute’s first initiative to form a Greek Curriculum and included a series of suggestions for activities that promotes step-by-step an audiovisual consciousness of those who practice them.

As we are waiting for the CrAL training course and the implementation of Creative Audiovisual Literacy methodology in secondary schools, let’s see what “media” is and why “media literacy” becomes an evident necessity in nowadays for the worldwide democracy.

McLuhan had predicted long time ago that „media is the message“. He focused not on analysing the content, but the form in which the content is delivered to us by the media. He argues that, since the „medium is the message“, if we don’t understand the medium we don’t understand the message either. The form informs our “identities”, the way we perceive ourselves, and as the form changes to the current digital media, our perception of the world and of ourselves is also shaped by this fast growing shift. This video presents McLuhan’s theory in a very thorough and descriptive way.

In addition, EAVI’s video clip „A Journey to Media Literacy“, a 7-minute cartoon offers  a fun and simple explanation of what Media Literacy is all about, and why it is essential in order to live freely and participate fully in society.


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