The methodology for developing creative audio-visual labs is ready

Partners of the project Creative Audiovisual Lab for the promotion of critical thinking and media literacy – CrAL – met on 10-11th June to mark the first six months of the project. This first phase has been very intensive – partners EGInA and ICBSA worked on the instructional document – the methodology containing all the knowledge regarding the audio-visual labs, that has been collected by the experts and educators behind this innovative approach. This document will be our starting point and the basis for the training programme which will train teachers across 6 countries to develop educational activities with their students.

The course for the teachers will be very innovative. It will be a visual course. Although these is a solid theoretical background behind the approach, which is elaborated in detail in the instructional document, the training for teachers will not burden them with theory only. Instead, the main training materials will be video lessons, which will present to the teachers the actual lessons carried out with students in Italy.

In the words of Annio Gioacchino Stasi, the training course will be a story about the young people’s critical thinking and visual development. This story will consist of four tales – four parts which will give the teachers the knowledge to lead their students to creating an original story using the language of moving images. The teachers and students who participated in the research and development of the methodology over many years of work, during which the students have started to think with images.

In the video lessons we will be able to see how young people are changing their way of using a camera and a mobile phone to develop their relationship with themselves, their classmates, their teachers, and the world around them.

The next 6 months of the project will not be less challenging – while continuing to develop the visual course, partners also start working on the technical platform where it will take place.

To follow the current developments of the project, stay tuned for the project website, and look out for our hashtag on social media #CrALProject.