CrAL methodology, media literacy and critical thinking

The CrAL project team is working diligently on a methodology that will soon be completed and translated to make it available to the general public. While you are eagerly waiting to see what the project consortium has prepared, we offer you some “warming up” through a few educational videos below.

Media literacy, as a key element that the CrAL project seeks to develop among its users, refers to the skills, knowledge and understanding that enables citizens to use the media effectively and safely.

When we talk about media literacy, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of critical thinking needed to recognize the difference between opinions and facts. CrAL project  aims  to enhance critical thinking and media literacy among young people between 14-19 years old, parents, and educational staff by upscaling a good practice from Italy called Creative Audiovisual Writing and Reading.

The methodology proposed by this project is based on education in critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, media literacy and intercultural dialogue by using creative audiovisual reading and writing as a basis for learning, to understand the complex nature of the modern world. This project uses different and combined forms of formal and non-formal education based on audiovisual languages ​​to address the following challenges:

  • promote democratic values ​​and fundamental rights, social inclusion and non-discrimination, as well as critical thinking and active citizenship among young people so that they can acquire social, civic and intercultural competences;
  • strengthen students’ critical thinking and promote awareness of relevant issues in the modern world;
  • assisting teachers in acquiring new forms of civic education for young people through film;
  • promote intercultural dialogue, prevent and combat racism and intolerance among young people. Through the project, young people will acquire technical skills to produce audiovisual content, but also transversal skills – communication, collaboration, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and greater awareness of themselves and their social contex.

Given the fact that media literacy and critical thinking are key elements of this project, we recommend that you take a few minutes and listen to (and watch) some videos that explains the basics about critical thinking and media literacy.