Implementation of the CrAL online course for teachers in Croatia

The Center of technical culture Rijeka has started implementing an online course for teachers as a part of the CrAL project. Sixteen teachers from all over Croatia (Varaždin, Zagreb, Karlovac, Buje, Osijek, Rijeka) are taking the online course, and so far 4 online meetings have been held where we commented on the lessons and gave them feedback on their progress so far. As part of the online meeting, we also talked about the CrAL manifesto and discussed the meanings of the image.

 It is expected that the teachers will finish the online course by the end of January, so a face-to-face meeting with them is planned for February 3rd, when all the teachers will come to Rijeka to get to know each other, socialize and listen to lectures on video editing, which will greatly help them in their further work with students. Meeting will be held in Center of technical culture Rijeka and in addition to the interesting lecture, teachers will have the opportunity to enjoy the city of Rijeka and all its contents.