Cral – upcoming project activities

With the goal of enhancing critical thinking and media literacy among young people, parents, and educational staff, CrAL (Creative Audiovisual Lab) will apply and scale up the Italian good practice “Creative audio-visual writing and reading”, to five different education systems and contexts – Croatia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, and Spain. This will contribute to provide young people with the tools they need to understand the world they live in, stimulate their critical thinking and sense of responsibility, and help them realise the power of their voice.

The methodology scale-up will be promoted through a 3-level training:

  1. Training of tutors
  2. Blended training for teachers
  3. Pilot testing

The objectives of WP4 (Transfer and experimentation of the project methodology) are to train secondary school teachers and trainers in non-formal education on the CrAL methodology and to promote students’ acquisition of media literacy competences and critical thinking through the reinterpretation and production of audiovisual contents

After a 3-day training for tutors, who will supervise the pilot experimentation, a blended training for teachers, who will apply the CrAL methodology in their classrooms during the pilot phase, was delivered – both online and face-to-face through local workshops. In January, the training for the teachers was completed. Currently, in Italy, the CrAL project is working with 11 schools throughout Umbria that are activating workshops dedicated to the CrAL methodology with their students. The workshops will last until June and will focus on the process of audiovisual production, leading to the creation of short films based on particularly relevant themes chosen by teachers and students.