CrAL presented to teachers in Rijeka

On Friday, April 22nd, the Center of Technical Culture Rijeka presented the methodology of the CrAL project in Rijeka, in front of thirty professors and representatives of non-governmental organizations from the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

As part of the presentation of the methodology, the participants were briefly introduced to the CrAL project, as well as its two key elements – media literacy and critical thinking. In addition to the methodology, the project activities were presented, in the implementation of which the audience was invited to get involved together with their students. At the very end of the event, after watching the project presentation and listening to educational videos related to critical thinking and media literacy, the professors, together with the moderators, started a discussion about the project. They expressed great interest in participating.

We are looking forward to the new school year to continue with the implementation of project activities with our valuable professors who are dedicated to the implementation of activities together with their students.