All Digital Weeks in Lithuania with Attention to Critical Thinking

Being a member of the pan-European network ALL DIGITAL since 2010, Association Langas į ateitį has been coordinating the annual European ALL DIGITAL Weeks (ADW) campaigns in Lithuania aiming to help people of all ages who are most in need of digital literacy. This year, the campaign across Europe has already started and will last for five weeks from 14 March to 14 April. In Lithuania, each week of the campaign invites citizens to test and improve their digital literacy skills taking independent courses online and participating in webinars.

The theme of Week 1 is “What are my digital skills?”. This week, participants had an opportunity to take knowledge tests and discover their gaps that prevent them from working and living efficiently. The digital skills tests will be based on both tests developed by Langas į ateitį as well as DigSat test based on the European Digital Competences Framework for Citizens, developed by the Joint Research Centre and the European Commission.

The following weeks include different themes, such as STEAM skills or the importance of improving digital skills. But there is one important topic which is covered repeatedly during the ALL DIGITAL Weeks campaign this year – the ability to evaluate information and think rationally is important whatever we choose to do. In education, home or at work, critical thinking is obviously important. Being a partner of the CrAL project, Association Langas į ateitį decided to emphasise this topic during the second and the last week of ADW.

One of the webinar speakers of the second ADW week, Renata Danielienė, a Lithuanian Digital Champion, explained what dangers can lurk in the vastness of the internet and how best to protect ourselves and our children from them, while competent financial crime prevention experts from the Lithuanian Banking Association advised on to how to strengthen our vigilance, recognise what we need to know about finance and the Internet in order to avoid falling for scams, and finally how to behave in a situation that raises suspicion.

The last Week 5 of the campaign will be concluded in the webinar meeting Dr Ramūnas Trimakas from the Ministry of Defense talking about critical thinking and why it is so important in our society in these times of misinformation. All of us are confronted with propaganda and lies these days. In order to resist this misleading information, it is first of all important to recognize it.

ALL DIGITAL Week is an annual Europe-wide digital skills campaign. The aim is to encourage people to better understand and benefit from modern technologies and to learn how to use them effectively in their daily lives. For more information on All Digital Week 2022 activities in Lithuania, please visit and for EU-wide events –

By Association “Langas į ateitį”