A Manifesto on Creative audiovisual labs

Within the project activities, EGInA, project partner from Italy, has realised a Manifesto in order to collect all the main principles that should guide teachers and trainers during the creative audiovisual labs training sessions.

The Manifesto has been produced based on the “Creative audiovisual writing and reading” methodology, developed by Annio Gioacchino Stasi and Mery Tortolini from Italy.

The Manifesto includes 10 main points to be shared with the trainers, to help them run the training activities with the students and encourage its dissemination. The Manifesto points are:

  1. Keep your mind wildly open, listen and observe. Get passionate about your project.
  2. Do not linger over just one point of view, reality is a prismatic matter.
  3. Have fun and laugh a lot, consider that each of your single passions can help, even when they seem out of context.
  4. Process is more important than outcome.
  5. Read very very carefully rule n. 2 and 3 of the “10 rules for students and teachers” written by john cage. (and of course the remaining, extremely precious advice there).
  6. Think visual, allow yourself to wander around while producing images. Postpone criticism.
  7. Make mistakes, mistakes are good. Mistakes can produce crazy interesting visual results. In general, it is very useful to be aware where not to go, in life or within your creative production.
  8. Co-creation tastes delicious. There is nothing more satisfying than to melt your really good idea with someone else’s really good idea and to create something amazing.
  9. Research a lot. Everywhere.
  10. The human family is vaste and diverse, please be respectful.


You can download the Manifesto here.