5th Transnational Partners Meeting in Rijeka

The 5th transnational meeting of partners took place in Croatia, in the sunny city of Rijeka on 16 and 17 February. The meeting was useful to update each other on the status of the project and to present and discuss the overall status of the project, upcoming deadlines as well as the technical aspects of the CrAL platform.

Additionally, the partners discussed the criteria for evaluation of the audiovisual content that will participate in the competition! Partners agreed that the competition will be based on the quality of the audiovisual content. Some of the criteria include the creative use of digital skills, the originality of the screenplay and the content, critical thinking (as it is one of the main concepts CrAL is based on),  as well as social inclusion and involvement of participants with different background.

Overall, the meeting between the partners took place in an positive atmosphere of exchange and sharing of the project’s aims. Next TPM will be organised in June 2023, in Lithuania.
Until then, stay tuned for more information, especially as the national and international competition is around the corner!